Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Pics of Bracken/ Bring in the Soul Quietly

What a lot of folks don't know is that babies are at birth the most aware beings on the planet.  This isn't common knowledge in the Western world where the majority of babies are born in hospitals.   And suddenly after going through the whole  previous death experience as pure consciousness attached to nothing but their soul, they are thrust...literally into a physical world and a physical body.
  But, their consciousness remains 
They can see your aura...
they know how you feel,
and even pretty much your life path......
They "see" a lot.

  Bracken is looking out of his Third eye as much as the other two...
that's how they can see so much, that we can not.
Usually when a baby is born in a Hospital, amid the hustle, bustle, the lights, the jabs and all the crazy astral  (emotional) activity going on all around them.... they Block, they shut down their third's just too much information, all at once.
We've all done that.... we all were born with a very pure consciousness, and the ability to see things the "grown-up's could not.  But we all slammed those doors mostly, or all the way shut, pretty darn quick after birth.  Too much .....sensory overload..... And we , or some of us...spend the rest of our lives regaining what we lost when we shut down.   Of course whenever we opened that door/window/"third eye" as children...or even as adults and saw something that the "grown-up's couldn't...... we were told it was just our imagination...
But I'm digressing...

We have made a point of introducing Bracken to the world very gently.
  A home birth, quiet with candlelight...
and surrounded by nearly angelic vibes from the Midwives,
and overpowering love from his parents..... 
Tomorrow will be a week that Bracken has been here with us,
and we have maintained the gentleness.....
and Bracken hasn't yet slammed the Door/ Window/ "Third Eye" yet. 
But tomorrow the family starts coming.... 
the Bubble of gentle love gets bigger....
and he'll be riding in a car for the first time, 
and going Out. 
  I pray he can keep the Door open. 
The world is very sadly deficient in those who can truly "See". 
If you bring a child into this world, as much as you can..... bring it in Gently.....slowly.....
Family can wait, friends can wait.... bright lights, loud cacophonous sounds .... they can wait....... strongly emotional people..... can wait.   The baby that doesn't Block and shut down keeps their soul close.  After all it is every thing we do to "shut down" that stands between us, and direct communication, with our souls.

So Beautiful


Look at all that Hair

 We're living in a Blissful world here....


  1. ahhhhh! the cuteness is overwhelming!

  2. Kim (Watermelon Kidz)October 22, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    These pictures made me cry. What a beautiful family you have!

  3. thank you for sharing this and your are so right in your thoughts.


  4. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing - I read your birth story on your wife's site... it was filled with such good energy. Congratulations!



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