Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yummy Nutritious food for a New Mama

There isn't much better food than fresh caught Salmon for a pregnant or new Mama. Here I took some fresh salmon a friend of ours caught, chopped up a real home made pickle (actually fermented), four slices of free range grass fed bacon, some celery seed, some coriander, some parsely from the garden....and made a nice scramble...... with a little fresh home made organic apple/cherry sauce...
I love to cook.

Then I made two loaves of brown rice sourdough bread. ( We don't do Gluten...or sugar.) So  I make Brown rice sourdough bread. One loaf was regular bread with caraway seed, the other was a sweet bread with apple/cherry sauce, dates and raisins...OMG, it turned out so well.  We put a little grass fed Ghee on it then cover it in  organic Blueberries we picked this year... Yummy.
Here the bowls are waiting for blueberries and a little home made goats milk kefir.... Heaven on a plate.


  1. That all looks amazing! If I end up moving to the NW I may have to beg you to teach me how to cook! :)
    I actually gave up gluten two months ago after realizing it was the most likely source for over a decade of ill this has been an adventure in learning about food (and nutrition) for me. Can't say I've given up sugar..I have a tiny bit now and then, though corn syrup I try to avoid.
    Have been learning alot of interesting tidbits about food from you and Taryn's blogs! Actually have a friend nearby that is going to teach me how to make kefir..very much looking forward to that :)

    You should think about writing a how to on fermented foods and cooking as well! ;)

  2. I just froze a bunch of access kefir grains today, wish I knew a way to get them to you. Yeah, gluten is soo bad for so many folks, and only a small % realizes it. I also quit Nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant)... my joints quit hurtin after I did that... Glad to hear you cut out corn syrup.... it's poison.. pretty much any processed food you are way better off without.

  3. Actually spending Sunday with a friend who is going to share their knowledge on creating kefir and I was promised some grains from their stash :). I had heard alot of folks who were sensitive to gluten also do better off of the nightshade plants. Once I get this gluten thing down, I'm planning on testing several other food sources, including those to weed out the stuff I can't handle. Glad to hear its helped you so much! I've cut out processed foods the last two months alot with the gluten, I can't believe how much better I feel (and how much fat I've lost in just two months lol)..Dropping two sizes in two months and being back to the body I had in my twenties is like whoah! LOL :)

  4. Glad to hear that. "water kefir" is my favorite because I don't get along all that well with milk either, and it's made with fruit juice instead of milk 50/50 with water... Actually I need to go now and get my next batch going. So glad you are feeling better. I truly feel better than when I was 20....and that rocks. Have you discovered cod liver oil yet... and Vit D... changed my life..

  5. Your blog is just amazing!The food recipes are so great!You're so lucky to have this beautiful life style.
    I really had to ask you this question because I have no idea how to deal with it.I've been having irritable bowel syndrome almost for a year and it's really affecting me and my life quality profoundly.Do you have any ideas Jeff?I'm trying to consume organic vegetables as much as possible.I'm avoiding meat as it's hard to find organic meat here.So only fish from time to time.
    Have you heard anyone having this problem?

  6. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, Probably as many people in the USA have it, as don't about now. It's from the Diets, and immunizations, over-use of antibiotics and a whole gamut of stuff we call, "Civilized Living". Check out the Weston A Price site for diet. I'd say cut out milk products, gluten products, start eating lots of fermented foods. Make water kefir and drink it daily, need to heal and colonize the colon with good bacteria... aloe vera juice, you need some real fats.... Free Range grass fed lard, Ghee, or coconut oil...cut out all the other oils..(corn, canola... actually most of the common non-animal oils aren't all that great, actually are very harmful... You can order these kind of things on line. Ghee is really good if grass fed organic. Vitamin D, Basically it's a whole diet thing to really get better and stay that way....
    ZERO processed foods.....And then there is the ..... other side. Feel the discomfort..... don't block it...go into it....relax into it and remove fearful judgments that you have upon the "problem", just let it sit as it is, feel, relax into...Love it, and everything about yourself...Past, present and future... That's all, a total diet change and psychological make-over. He he. But I know what your talking about...been there, done that.... still slip into it sometimes.... Being grounded is important....and stop hurrying, stop feeling time pressure. Just know you will get everything done in time, as needed....without the stress of a "rush" always attached to it...
    Anyway, all of that has worked for me.... Gettin off Prilosec was a miracle, after my whole life being on that or antacids...



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