Saturday, January 29, 2011

Got a Blockage? .. Breathe into it..

We are connected to everything 
within the scope of our Perception.
Yet many of these things are Painful.
Throughout all our Lives we have felt lots of Pain
And we didn't like it..
But it was part of us
we were connected to it...
But since we didn't much like the feeling
we pushed it away
we did other more pleasant things
to keep us distracted from the Painful things
In fact you could say that in thousands of years of evolution
Mostly what we've done is Run from Painful things
And seek Pleasurable things.

But here's the Rub...
All those painful things
that are a Part of us
that we have been ignoring seems like for eons
Well, all the energy we put into ignoring them
back there in their dark corners
has fed them
they Live on energy
And all that energy that went into maintaining our denial
Fed them very well.
And they are sitting back there
in the hiding places 
that we made for them
Growin like a Weed on Steroids...

and as much as we would like to forget all about them

They have not forgotten at all, about us...

And they are just about gettin too dang big

to stay hidden back there in that dark corner

And their Master Plan is

To come out into the Light...

Hell no, we say.
You keep your nasty ass
back dare inna corna.

And then the more we try to keep the demon at bay
the more it threatens to come out...

Now understand that you have built a secret Prison cell
in your energetic body
for every pain
and emotional 
and Physical.
And this is where you keep them at bay
keep them in their dark corner
while you busy yourself
with more pleasurable things (hopefully).

Well here is the prob..
Every one of those prison cells in your energetic body
has a correspondence in your physical body
an area that by building and maintaing this prison cell on the location.
has blocked the natural energetic flow to that area
it is not properly fed it allotment of Energy/Light/ Breath.
You see, the way we maintain these dark corners within us is
we withhold our Breath from them.
Everything in Creation
that you don't want to think about
or Feel
is still Within you
and the action of supressing your connection to it
through withholding your breath to that energetic area...
Is at the root of every physical, mental, and emotional problem you have.
Now of course your Shrink will say that,"you need to work it out"
Your Sorcerer friend will tell you to Cut the Cords of Man,
and Reconnect to the cords of God.
Or maybe get into a Twelve Step Program
But right now I'm gonna tell you something a Lot easier
and if you really "Get it"
you can probably live forever...
Not that I totally get it,
I'm just the vessel here

But it's really as simple as
Breathing Into it.
Every one of those dark places in your energetic body
exist because you refused to breathe into that area...
So now I'm sayin
Breathe into it...

Be warned
It will bring all your Demons to Light...
But they are going to come anyway,
so do this
and it's on your terms.
Then all you have to do
to be totally free of them
and remove that darkness from your energetic body
is Love them when they come out
Greet the Demons of your Past
with outstreched arms of Love..
and watch as they fade away
like smoke in the wind



  1. I love this post so much. Especially the very end. Poetic. Beautiful. And so true. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Wonder-full! I want to share these at the Reverence for Life University. Thank you for Sharing!



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