Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentines Day Special

Don't forget your Loved one this Valentines Day. Still plenty of time to order from us, we ship same or next day Priority Mail.  Use Coupon Code Valentine at Checkout and save 15%.
Lots of Eternal Love Knots, four Hearts Interwoven in a Knot. We have Necklaces for Guys and Girls, Love Kitchen Stirring Paddles and A really cool Myrtlewood Bookmarker and Earrings.

Take a Look

This is Carved in Amazing Mountain Mahogany
I carved this one in Oregon Myrtlewood
Now if you aren't into Necklaces I have three really nice hand carved Kitchen Stirring Paddles and a Bookmark Available

I love this Bookmark, wish I could afford it, I'd buy it for myself.

Here's one of the Love Paddles
Use it in the Kitchen or ...

It's hard to find decent Jewelry for guys, so I make a Lot that can work for Guys or gals.
Here's a Nice Inlaid Turquoise Love Knot in Birdseye Maple Burl

Here's one in some Beautiful and Rare Spalted Myrtle Burl with Inlaid Malachite

People think Love is Complicated...
It's not.... sorry but I gotta tell you folks..
If you have agony and "heartbreak"...
It aint Love...
It's Freakin Drama
Drama comes from your Head
and Belly
Your Mind
and emotions
Love isn't even an emotion
emotions live in the belly, fed by the Head
Love lives in the Heart... The Soul,
and Finally, in Spirit.
Love is simply sweet
And as Big and as powerful
as Eternity.

Is there someone you love as Big and as powerful as Eternity?

Do you love yourself as big and as powerful as Eternity.

Let's try it...

See what happens...

This is a simple loving heart, I carved in Purpleheart wood.
This is the Natural color of the wood.


These are Myrtlewwod Earrings that I carved the Love Knots down in, then Stained where I cut it out.

And if you aren't actually into the Theme of hearts, we still Have a Lot of Hand Carved Tree's

And what I really want on Valentines day
Is a Really Really Cool Wizard Long Pipe

Don't Forget, Coupon Code "Valentine" saves you 15%
Have a wonderful Love Day from Mystic Orb

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