Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cut loose the Dead Weight and Finding Paradise

Cutting Loose the Dead Weight and Finding Paradise

It's a time of choice....
Do we live in Fear... or it's emotional stepchildren

Or do we Live in Love

And something I've been noticing in the world around me,
and in my little world is...
There is only so much time and energy....
and Life is sacred...
We live to cherish life,
to live and share joy..
To make Love central to our existence here.
People are looking to find Peace in their lives.
Yet so often they are surrounded by co-workers, family and "friends",
who simply do nothing to help facilitate that Peace..
In fact there are a lot of folks who insist on living in Drama, fear, self loathing, self defeating behaviors, and demeaning and downright nasty behaviors toward others around them.  
Do you have folks like this in your life, who whenever you are around them you come away depressed, maybe with a little headache, or downright sick to your stomach.
Well as I said, this is a time of choice.
If you have folks like this in your life...
even if it is family 
You are injuring your Spirit every time you are pulled down into the sticky oily sludge of the residue of your relationship with them.
We nice people can be so stupid...."well, I don't want to hurt them by putting up boundaries or cutting them out of my life.....so I'll just keep letting them 
Shit All Over My Paradise .  I mean, I'm a nice person....I can take it..... sure wouldn't want to hurt anyone..."
"OK, so maybe they are jumping up and down on my neck, 
with their heavy and muddy boots on,
but...I mean, should I ask them to stop....
I might hurt their feelings.....
I can take a little pain, 
I'm starting to get used to it here in the sludge
with their boots on my neck....."

I don't know about you,
but I've been there....
most of my ever lovin life... 
But not any more.

If you try to shit on my paradise,
I'll turn the fan on ya,
and walk away.

And I'm saying to all you loveable people out there who for some sad reason don't know just how loveable you are....and so are allowing bullies and nasty folks to shit on your Paradise....
You deserve the respect you are giving to those who are hurting your Spirit.
You deserve Paradise..... 
without anybody pooping on it...
So here's what you are gonna do,
You are gonna Love yourself
you are gonna set some firm boundaries
a wall of toilet paper that the poopers must not pass...
And if they do, if they cross the boundarties you set....
Slam the dang door,
See you later...agitator...
Sorry I refuse to join in your misery...
Don't let the door hit you on the way out...
Hope you can find your way out of your fear and misery,
and maybe I'll see you in Paradise someday....

You don't have to take anybody's crap..

no matter who they are.....


  1. Wow. This really hit me on a couple of different levels. First of all, I am planning an intervention for my mom. She is slowly (or maybe not so slowly) killing herself with an eating disorder. Wasting away. I am going to print this out and take it with me when I go see her. She is in probably about the most toxic (energetically) environment that she could possibly be in, and she has surrounded herself with negative people. You see, she works in a prison and lives on the prison grounds in old state housing. The darkness there is palpable. Shudder. Secondly, I will read it again MYSELF as I travel down to try to save her. It was a mere 17 years ago that my mom (yes, same woman) had me hospitalized because I was suffering from the very same eating disorder that she is now battling. I can't let her shit bring me back down into a hole that I have worked so hard to climb up out of.

    Oh, all of this energy shifting is really something, huh? Thank you for sharing these very real words of wisdom. Your family is beautiful and I have been enjoying Taryn's blog too.

  2. HI Amanda, I think so often people have this deep seated idea that for some reason they don't deserve joy and happiness....I think at the roots it's all about guilt....which is bogus. Everybody in creation has done things they are not proud of, guilt is hanging on to it and not letting it go...then we punish ourselves by denying joy for ourselves....hangin with folks who don't feed our Spirit and only bring us further doawn because somewhere in our History we got the crazy idea that we deserve it... We don't. If folks are doin nasty stuff and bringin us down we gotta say, "Hey, cut that out"...and if they don't say Later...
    I'm so glad you are enjoying our blogs... I often tend to say stuff folks don't want to hear, so I'm glad you did. Thanks

  3. Thankyou for sharing these words that probley so many of us need to hear ,i to am going to print these words and hand them to my 2 teenage children to carry in life ,as well as pop them on the fridge .. and like Amanda i to am enjoying your beautiful wifes blog you guys are just a sweet beautiful peacful family that bring joy in to my life just bye reading your words ...THANK YOU :-) bye the way we have 4 beautiful children i think out teens would benifit at this stage ..
    Heidi :-)

  4. Jeff, "yes"!!!
    I am so happy with my life and again and again there are folks who bring bad emotions and vibrations. for me it was a process to learn how to keep them away from my paradise, but finally it works.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom!


  5. Hi Jeff, yes I too know it's wise to not be a pushover or a doormat. And to not be involved with people who want to push you around, or even to think about them, but to keep looking to new horizons and being present with the ones you love. Awesome.
    I just started reading "Coming Out of the Scary Weirdness Closet" - it is really powerful and I will read more during the week and thank you for publishing it. I've been on ships too, and seen the future sometimes . . . life is vast, more than we can ever know living on a single timeline, I think.
    I've written to Taryn and really love what you two have created and wish you both more and more magic and wonder. Also, just found this book at my local library, it may interest you although it has nothing quite as fabulous as the door you carved

    Best of everything to you, Taryn and little Bracken, and to your animal family!

  6. Sweet Cous-
    We actually need people like this in our lives!
    How else are we to keep our perspective? Words do us harm if, and only if, we believe them. If you know in your heart that what you are doing is good and right, those words have no power.

  7. No, we don't. There is more to it than words...There is an energetic factor to consider. I don't think any of us have a problem keeping our perspective....read the paper, listen to the radio, some folks still have TV's. There are negative folks at every turn...but we have the power to keep them at arms length. Our responsibility is to Feed the joy, not dance with Drama. Of course if that is what we are into, then that's our choice as well. But personally I believe in surrounding myself with good real folks with open hearts and minds, who I can have an honest conversation with....and who are capable of hearing. Yes words are powerless over us unless we let them be otherwise....but why surround yourself with folks whose Intention is harmful... I did it my whole life , it was actually my Path...finding Peace amidst Insanity. I had jobs, and relationships that served this purpose for me.... And what I learned from it was, yes, I can transcend it....but for what point. Since I realized the futility of this my Life has improved exponentially... If a person is giving you a load of crap, even if you can nullify it with an open heart....why hang around someone who gives you crap, that's just depriving you of hangin with someone who could be giving you love. We are here to co-create our Heavens...or Hells. And what we get we get as a group effort from those we hang with. I spent my life with Negative folks under the hope that my positive energy could bring them up...after 20 years at this I finally realized they hadn't moved an inch, but they had brought me down some. Hang with folks that feed your Spirit, that feed your dreams and aspirations...who love, and give and take love freely.... The rest is really ....... a waste of energy. Put your energy where it can brighten the world.... attune with those who vibrate as you do.