Monday, March 21, 2011

Gettin Down to It.. Time to choose....JUDGMENT DAY

Time to Choose...
What is it Gonna be?

This is a very important time.
If you haven't noticed we're coming down to the wire here.
Folks are choosin sides.
There's a lot of strife in the world going on because folks are finally saying,
"We're done with the Bullshit."
You got two sides kinda naturally forming up.
You got the Lying Controlling money and power loving folks doing all they can to maintain control of everybody else who are seen as merely cogs in their money and power building machine...or else as impediments to their self serving goals.
There is so much Bullshit going on all over the world...and in this country where we live.
Our Reality is dictated to us by Television, radio, newspapers etc....  We have been lied to for so long it is hard to know what is real.
Hey we just attacked another country....sent our bombers over there to kill folks.  And of course what little we have been told is meant to convince us that somehow we are the Good Guys in all somehow our hearts are going out to all these Oil Rich Nations...(funny how that works out) that need our strong guiding hand.  Of course there are a lot of non-oil rich nations that could use that strong guiding hand a lot more, but we're not going to talk about that.'ve been lied to.  You've been given disease and suffering via your medicines, your foods, the water you drink, the air you breathe, the chemicals you put on and in your bodies and the fillings in your freakin teeth.
The things you have been told are good for you....
destroy your body and Spirit,
and the things you've been told are bad for you,
renew your body and your Spirit.
You are taught to seek Illusion....

and shun the Truth.
So those who chose to Control....have been controlling, and are still controlling..
Their world  is built upon Drama
centered around Fear..
The Controllers have chosen Fear.

But something is Hapenning
The Sheep, who have always blindly followed these Controlling Insane Shephards..
Are saying,
Not going there.
Not buying your Bullshit anymore."
Some of these sheep even decided to put up a Battle against the Controllers.
"Put the damn Satanic Bums out of Business...."
But a funny thing hapenned to those particular sheep...
They too became Controllers.....
As soon as they bore up their arms against the "Other"

There is no such thing as "fighting the good Fight"
there is no such thing as a Noble Battle against Wrong
because as soon as we raise are hand to harm our Brothers
we are Wrong.....

So if we are choosing sides, and one side is the Controllers and the other side isn't the folks who go against the controllers, because as it turns out...they are the same thing...
What is the flip side...what is the other choice?

The other Choice is Love
and Love is found in Peace
Peace within US.
Mind your own dang business
that's all we need to concern ourselves with
Our business is Peace and Love
Mind that....

Don't be controlled
Don't buy the Lie
Don't eat what they try to feed you,
don't listen to their lies about what is good for you,
and what isn't...
Don't let em stick needles in you full of toxins
and then tell you it's for your own good...

And don't get all pissed off at em for being the Satanic Bastards they are...
Because that's what they are....
and it has nothing to do with your business of finding Peace in your Life
Think of this Age we are now in as a time of Amplified Intention..
Your world is what you make it.
what you accept into your world,
your world will be.
Accerpt love, and beauty.....and Peace.
The rest of that Satanic Controlling ego based crap.....
is no longer any of your concern...
Your only concern is finding that Personal Peace Within.....
and this is independant of world events.
Then comes that little voice pretending to be an angel on our shoulder,
" We are all one World, One People, when your brother do we".
Sounds about right...Right.
Well then let's just flip that coin and look at it from that "suffering brother's" perspective.
OKAY, he's lookin at us, these wonderful folks full of pity and sadness and anger over his poor pitiful lot...we are Him, so not only does he have his own suffering to deal with, but now thanks to us, he has our pity, sadness and anger to deal with. Personally if I was him, and wanted to merge my consciousness and being with another part of would be a Joyful part, that was at Peace....and living in Heaven.
Do you want to help your fellow Man,
don't pity, don't be angered, or disgusted, or saddened....
Be at a Joyful Peaceful Heaven
Give that to your fellow Man..
Not your Concern.....
it doesn't help them,
and it distracts you from that joyful loving Peace
which is really the only thing that Helps.

So it's really quite simple....

Choose the fear and drama and control and money and power.......

or choose Peace and Love.

And then there is that voice again,
" But we have to stand up for ourselves or we'll be crushed by the Machine,
that's what the Machine does,
it crushes anybody that doesn't serve it..."

I'm going to repeat myself here,
"This is a time of amplified Intention".
Literally a time of ,
"What you see, is what you get".
So, control what you see....
And I don't mean censor it like a certain "spiritual practice" is advocating these days...
Don't play the denial game and pretend that things aren't right your your own personal life...
This is also a time where we are facing all the things we have hidden away,
generally because it was painful to see them...
I'm not advocating turning a blind eye...
The opposite,
I'm saying
But remove the Judgment from what you see....
The world exists in a Real Way without any of your Judgments.
And now is a time where we must face our judgments.

So maybe you thought that "Judgment Day" was a day when you stand and some Huge White Dude who created everythings decides (judges) if you get a candy cane.... or a lump of coal ..
(I'll bet you thought I was gonna talk about God)
Well, Santa....God.....same thing....
No, Judgment Day is the Day where everything that has passed before us,
through many many lifetimes,
that we have judged one way or another,
comes back to us and stares us in the eye and say's,
"Let me go....let me be what I really am, free me".
And it's a battle for us,
we've built our whole reality within the Duality created by our Judgments.
And those things we have judged, can not be free...
and are also the chains that keep us from so being.

Because you see
 Freedom is Oneness
Yes we are One Thing Evolving
Becoming Enlightened
And we will not find that Oneness
operating within that Judgment Created Duality.

It's a big shift
going fron a duality
to a Singularity.
And right now it's kind of actually being forced upon a lot of folks.

It's Judgment Day, Ladies and Gentleman
Face it
and be Free,
Or run, hide, turn your head, ignore it....
and be churned Under....

Time to choose.

I almost left out the most important part...
The key to facing our judgments,
and turning the Duality into a Singularity
Is Face your Judgments..... with Love.
Not Bad....Not Good......

Love is the Key to that Oneness our souls are craving...

Did you know what that deep yearning was that you have....

you might have decided it was something else....
something within your understanding

But at the heart off all our deeply felt yearnings...
Is our souls desire for the Oneness.
(except for the Controllers, I'm not talkin to them here)
The Controllers deeply felt yearnings are a reflection so to speak of ours...
But rather it is their ego's leading them to a more defined seperativeness.
It's all part of the process of our individual evolution....
and the evolution of the One that we are as cells within.

I want to help you understand something here... pretty much everything I've been writing in this blog for a while has an aim of making this point.

There is no "Good and Bad" about this.
The Satanic Controllers or the Mystics.
Satan and Christ (or God) have always been at the heart of our enslavement within this Duality.
Understand that all have a Place. The Mystics place is to Bring in the Oneness
You could say that they ,"turn up the Light of God".
The Controllers you could say, Help God Culminate.
God is All Us.
We are the cells that make up God
And each and every cell has it's purpose in the body of God.
The "Mystics" Bring up the Light from the Heart of God.
  (these particular words hold much meaning).
The Controllers culminate expressions that allow God to Evolve.
I'm not being entirely clear, I feel something is holding back my words....
OK, this is the part that people just freak out about, so I dance around it.
Just as we as individual cells (souls) in the Body of God evolve, and have many Lifetimes....
So does the One that is us All, that we call God.
God Dies and is Reborn....
The Mystics call these different lifetimes of God, "Ages".

Well here's the thing folks,
We're coming upon an end to one of these "Ages".
And somehow I know how this shakes out,
and I'll tell you about that later.....
If you can remember your own past "deaths and re-births" you get kind of an idea of what is coming down now...
I do remember and I have a lot of Practice going through the process in this life and my last one, through a process I call, "Yoga of the Death State"...or the "In Between Time."
And right about now we're

Well this post is getting kind of long,
we can go into all that another time....

So it's time to Choose....
Grab all the stuff you can to define yourself and feel secure in that definition...
Let all that stuff go, open your heart...and be at Peace.

Your life will be much better if you know which of these decisions is the one for you to make.... Neither is right or wrong....
But for each of us, there is one that is right
and one that is wrong.


  1. 'Getting real' for sure brother. I applaud you for getting that all out, damn. I feel the same way. I decided to write a short post about some of the main concepts you speak of on my blog a couple days ago, but I simplified it as much as possible hoping more would read it... I really wanted to get down with all this other stuff though, because I see it all, I've always seen the bullshit and the way the system lies to us, and the way sheeple move along blindly... and now the fear has gotten them by the throat and the 'controllers' are on the edge thinking they still might have a firm grip, but like you said so many are awakening finally- even if ever subtly- and the energy shifts are happening, and those of us who have been awake are going to have to guide our brothers and sisters who've been sheepin' it, cuz these changes won't be easy... the world is in despair and some are rejoicing and opening to the light as we quickly move toward the new age, and the new world of living as one more sustainably... but most are panicking and still belieiving anything they see on the news, (not to mention some don't even give a sh*t cuz they're too busy trying to look like celebrities)... I could go on and on... I just wanted to say I hear ya. Plus, you and Taryn should enter my Giveaway if you're interested... I'm giving away a Deerskin Medicine pouch, a set of my 5x7 Animal Spirit postcards and a dream pillow filled with herbs and crystals to promote relaxation and shamanic dreaming... I hope you'll visit... Much love to you and Taryn and the lil guy Bracken :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your writing with the world. I love you.

  3. Thanks for sharing your writing with the world. I love you.

  4. yeah, yup, someone said that the energy that was supporting ''the old view'' is now crumbling. no one in their right mind can believe the liars.



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