Monday, April 11, 2011

Coming out of the weirdness Closet, Final Chapter. The "German" comes back and the Healing/Mind Control Machine

Well we're finally here, to the last chapter in this series,"Coming out of the Weirdness Closet"... This chapter has the potential for being the most hmmm, most something...
This chapter is the main reason I came out onto the Internet a few years back, discovered Forums and Blogs and sites that might help me find an explanation of just what was going on back then....
So as near as I can recall this happened around the same time as the Succubus incident. I was parked at my parents and living in my Motorhome, right before I was to head up to Dougs and live in the Tree House.
So one day I decided to take a nap out in the Motorhome......
As I awoke?? from the nap something very strange happened that I had no previous experience with.
  I had quite a bit of experience Astral projecting by this time, and what happened was a matter of leaving my body, but not astrally....rather it was an etheric projection.... My energetic body was looking down at my physical body, and this was a lot different than astral was like this etheric body weighed tons..... I willed myself to move, but it was so so difficult.  I'm realizing that this is what folks are calling sleep paralysis... except I'm an Aries, and not easily paralyzed..... But basically what happens is ( my theory anyway) is that upon waking our "consciousness" usually shifts from an astral awareness, moves through an etheric awareness, and then identifies with our Physical awareness....and we wake up in our bodies.  But occasionally it might become identified with our Etheric body upon waking.....very rare, but I've been hearing a lot about it happening to folks in the last few years.  So here I was straining to physically move away from my physical body, within my etheric body. ( Why, because I'm an Aries, what else am I gonna do?)  Well it was totally exhausting so I went back and lay down in my physical body....and "woke up."  Immediatly the "German" as I had dubbed him years before  when I was just a kid and when he showed up in my head and over some months led me to build a machine that made a plants emotions audible. Well, that's a previous chapter..
Now something was different from any of the times before with the German....  When I built the plant Machine according to the Germans instructions, his voice was very very subtle, almost as if it was my own thoughts, with a weird accent.  But now it was like a distinct voice from a Spirit that was right there with wasn't like that before. ...and he was showing me clear images.of a Machine in a room with a bunch of these huge computers, like a whole wall of a huge computer...And there was this chamber, kind of like an MRI machine, though this was in the 70's probably before they "officially" had any of those.  He told me that this machine could cure most of humans ailments, diseases etc.  In some ways it was a very simple machine. What it did was in two parts. The first part was to "read" the persons energetic body, 3D. It created a complete energetic map of the persons physical/etheric body.  All this was fed into the computers. It was viewed on the level of color/frequency.  "problems (over or under amplification of frequency) which are at the root of disease were isolated and their energetic counterbalance was calculated.  The second part of the machine had lasers and prisms, thousands of em, and the prisms isolated the refracted laser light and pinpointed that at the problem area.  Basically applying  the correcting frequency very intensely to the "problem area"...fixing the problem on an energetic level. The German told me that the technology was in  existence at that time, in the US, Israel, and Russia.  ( I understood at the time that this meant that pieces , or components of the completed Machine were in each of these countries, and that they needed to come together to complete the project).. But this wasn't what I was told, it was however what I assumed)  Now I didn't know much about world events back than and our relationships with other countries....and I was pretty Naive ...So from that statement I took that the Machine wouldn't be built any time soon, because everyone knew Russia and the US didn't get along...I didn't know anything about Israel back then, don't really know much about it now...Jewish folks I think, in the Holy Land...that's all I know.
He also showed me how the machine could read chemical compounds, it could ascertain their "energy signature" it could also read plants....anything basically. And from this it was also possible to adjust a persons "unhealthy" frequency by the application of chemical compounds specific for their particular energy imbalance.  You were basically balancing a persons light body, with Light.... it was also possible with sound....and with chemicals.  Pretty freaking amazing.
Well this got me all excited so I ran into the house to get a pencil and paper so I could start writing this amazing Healing Machines information down as the German told me.
Well when I got back to the motorhome, sit down with my pencil and paper at the table, the German say's, "you know you can't do anything with this information, don't you?"
"Excuse me, What!?
He said there was basically two reasons I had to keep this to myself.  The first one was the fact that Disease has roots below the energetic level.... on karmic astral levels.  Yes, you could rebalance a persons energy, make them feel well....yet the roots of the energetic imbalance, the Karma.....would still be there.  He said vaccinations are a good example of why this does not work.  Yes, we can stave off certain diseases with a vaccine....but we must realize that most of these diseases that we vaccinate for have their roots in "Group Karma".  They exist because enough people have created similar Karma around the same thing.  These diseases are caused by mass energetic imbalance .....something seemingly as simple as Millions of people Hating one individual (he gave Nixon as an example). He said that that amount of focused energy was bound to manifest something, and usually that ended up being what we call a virus, or a disease.... And he said that with vaccinations we can certainly cut off all the branches and the trunk of a tree and believe that we have eradicated something, but as long as the energy was there that created it..The Roots of the tree... that tree would grow back, lookin a lot different than it did last time, but still there.   Bottom line is you can not vaccinate against Karma. Yes you can eradicate Polio (seemingly), but then suddenly some "brand new " thing will emerge to work out the Karma.... often worse than the original.  A big lesson humans need to learn is that the energy they put to suppress disease/fear/uncomfortable reflection etc.... feeds what they are attempting to hold at bay.
OK, so reason 1. was that it's pointless to cure the effects, when the cause will Have to manifest itself one way or move along.
The second reason is the really scary one.
He said that the machine could be used for Mind Control on a vast scale. He said that just as a disease has an "energetic signature" so do thoughts....and emotions.  And that just as the Machine could read energetic signatures of disease, and elemental compounds and herbs etc. so could it ascertain the energetic signature of Thoughts and Feelings.   He said that just as we could impose a "cure" through the application of certain balanced light and sound frequency as well as application of the substances that had the correct energetic signature to Re balance the could a generic emotion or thought be given to the masses through a specific blend of elements, through a specific blend of colors...and sonic vibrations.  Basically he said that chemicals could be put in the seasoning on our potato chips that we eat while watching some TV program where the computer has ascertained the perfect blend of colors (HDTV, LOOK OUT, better get rid of it)...and we could be made to think or feel just about anything, and believe it was our own thoughts and feelings. HAARP, HMMM???  So he said I needed to just forget about it.
Now this has been a mystery to me my whole life, why get me all excited about something, then tell me to forget about it.
Well a theory is finally forming here based on certain data.
1. The change in the way the German "spoke" to me.    It was more like I was communicating with a Spirit now, whereas before it was as if someone was just putting the thoughts in my head....  Sleep Paralysis most often accompanies some interplay with a Spirit of some deceased person, at least in the dozens of accounts I have heard...   So now it's lookin like the dead. Whereas before didn't feel like that.
2.  Back to the Plant Machine, how is it that everything I needed to build the machine was supplied to me through trades and buying at incredibly low prices from NASA and Lockheed folks who my parents worked with....and the monthly "Science Kits" I got, supposedly from some Mail order science kit of the month club.  EVERYTHING I needed, even equipment that was probably illegal for me to have, and I got all the pieces....right as I needed them...and I was talkin to no one about what I was doing.  How is it possible that all the supplies that a voice in my head needs to build a machine that allows plants to talk.....were supplied as needed when I didn't even know what I needed until it was time to hook something up a certain way.
3. Why after months with the German in my head, did he just disappear from it for years the moment the Plant Machine was completed?
4. Why did my Mom refuse to even come and look at it, and why did my Dad say nothing when I demonstrated it...and got all quiet and weird...??

Well here is my theory.  The second time the German came and told me about the Healing/Mind Control Machine.... he was dead. And he was feeling guilty for using a Mind Control Machine on me years previously to see if they could remotely control a person, right down to doing detailed work with things they knew nothing about.  They could not stop him from telling me, now that he was dead,  And he felt guilty, because maybe he was aware of the Bizarre twists my life was to take after that experience...
Tellin me about that mind control machine was basically getting off his chest, what he had done with it when he was Alive and probably working out at Ames Research Center where my Dad was....
I haven't heard from him since.
Maybe my Mom felt guilty that she allowed me to be used in testing the Mind Control machine and this is why she refused to come out....
and HMMM, the vibe that day was the same as the vibe the night we had the UFO encounter.   Did that encounter have anything to do with this.... it was odd how I became very psychic after that encounter...
Still lots of Questions.

Any Ideas?


  1. HI Jeff, just wanted to thank you for sharing so much of yourself. That is truly an amazing life there, thanks for living the good bad and ugly of it. Hugs all around :)

  2. Just before I read your theory on why it was happening I had the same gut feeling. I think you've hit the nail on the head with your experiences. Just one question though. Do you think that now you are much more aware than you were then of the workings of life, do you think you could be mind controlled again?

  3. Wow Jeff, very interesting. I am in the process of reading all of your "coming out of the weirdness closet" posts. I am fascinated by your life story.
    My mother(when she was 16- in the 50's) saw a large cigar shaped object in the sky. Smaller craft flew into it and it then flew away at a ridiculously fast speed. Obviously she has been interested in alien life since. I also recall her having some very vivid dreams (as I do to), once she woke and had all this information in her head about mathematical stuff, nuclear physics stuff. She said she completely understood it- but it slipped away from her later that day.( my lovely mum is not mathematical at all).
    Reading this post has also made me thing of something, when one of my daughters was 4 yrs old, she said that a blue spiral light, like a little tornado flew across the playground(she was at school) and entered her belly button. She is 11 now , I asked her about it, she can still remember it clearly. Have you any idea what that was?
    Blessings to you,

  4. Hey Sean, I'm afraid I could easily be mind controlled again... it's like it's your own thoughts...but it's also very exciting... It's like uncovering treasures is how I can best describe it. But if it was something that seemed harmful I'm certain I wouldn't go there.
    Hi Anonymous, I don't know what the blue spiral was, though it's interesting that folks have been seeing these and calling them UFO's a lot in the last few years, in Australia and Norway I think, lots of films of them. I know I've had things Jump into my belly's like an entry point. That's where the cords of our perception enter us... I would have called it a Fairy probably, but who knows exactly what those things I call Fairies are? are welcome

  5. I admire your honesty. And appreciate it. I love the new perspectives I get from what you say.



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