Friday, April 25, 2014

Meeting a Magical Man

I remember quite a few PAST LIVES, since before I could talk, which I might have believed were my imagination as my parents told me if I had not met an old guy named Bud back in the early 70's. He had a rock shop in the hills outside of Santa Barbara.  I was on what you might call a Vision Quest, on the tail end of it when I felt compelled to pull into his shop.  He had a dog he said was a Tibetan Temple dog which I suppose was what inspired me to share my previous life memory with him in a monastery in Tibet.  I guess to be more clear here I should say I remember past Deaths.  Anyway I was telling him the memory of this particular death....kind of the condensed version.....when he interrupted and corrected me.... He was there and observed it.....  What he told me was what actually happened.   It took me at least 20 years to properly digest it because there was a lot of misplaced guilt and shame involved...... I had not been able to face my own action even though it was innocent, I was afraid very deeply that my fellow monks would not understand....  We were lined up by Chinese soldiers and shot if we did not bow down to them, lowering our eyes. We had been told (by our Teacher) to allow this sacrifice...which I must admit I didn't agree with...but his reasoning was that we were too  condensed, that we needed to be reborn and spread out across the globe in our new lives..... Anyway when the soldier...the head guy came to me I could not bear to look at him....and lowered my eyes, not out of respect or submission, but the pain I felt when I saw him..... Then just as they shot me I was overwhelmed that the remaining Monks who were still in line would believe I had submitted....... If any of you are out there, this is what really happened.  So Bud told me that I had bowed my head...when I had told him that I didn't...and he went on to make a few other adjustments to my story...which I had left out.   He was an amazing guy and showed me some....feats of Magic, and told me some amazing stories...he had also been in Africa during World War 2 and told me about what he called the most powerful....and peaceful people in the world...the Bantu.  It was basically a lesson that real power comes from Peace, as he said these folks were dedicated to peacefulness.   The story is that he had a Bantu driver and one day went into town to get his mail.  He parked his Jeep and walked across the square to the post office and as he came out he heard yelling and looked across the square to see three Nazi's beating on his Bantu driver with their guns... As he was running he saw one of them start to get ready to stab the Bantu with his bayonet... He quickened his run and got there just as the Bantu was standing up.... Then the three Nazi's heads rolled off their shoulders and they crumpled to the ground.   He said the only time they would use violence was when their sacred life was at stake...that they all carried a certain kind of knife in the back of their belts....and the guy when his life was in jeopardy , quickly removed their heads.... He said he hightailed it out of town then...
It had been a way too magical "vision Quest" and I was totally blown away by everything that had happened with Bud and prior to meeting Bud.....I was ready to crawl into a hole...... but it wasn't over yet.... You can read about the rest of that trip in the section on the top right called "Coming out of the Scary weirdness closet" .:Or click here
Back to the past life thing:  Years later I came to meet folks I shared past lives with, who had the same memories.... It's very validating to know that those early childhood memories were not my I knew they were not.   
So if your kids are telling you stories that they claim are true and happened.....don't readily discount them....could be genuine memories..

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