Thursday, May 1, 2014

America, The Land of Stolen Integrity

The United States is a land of many people.
And by far the majority of these people
They can't.
It has been legislated Against,
it has been made Illegal by their Government.
To lose Integrity with ones principles,
with ones own soul,
creates a Society where it becomes impossible
for individuals to realize their Purpose
to find their own truth.
It becomes a society of clone drone slaves.
I don't know a single person who believes
that we should murder innocent people in foreign lands,
to satisfy corporate greed.
I don't know a single person who believes
 that the poor and middle class
should be robbed
to support a very small upper class.
 And though I don't know anyone who believes these things
 in their hearts and souls. 
I know hundreds of people who support it....
And I know that Millions upon Millions
 finance this evil all over the world.

Who dutifully pay their taxes.

It is not possible to be in integrity in the United States unless,
1: You are an evil bastard at heart
2: You choose to live in EXTREME POVERTY.
3: You don't mind living in Jail 
and losing everything you have worked for.
That's it...
Those are your choices.

So Americans, a people who have lost their Integrity,
who have become drone,clone slaves to an evil system...
have very little choice.

But as I say,
When a person loses their Integrity
they have lost their connection with their own soul.
And when we lose connection with our own soul
the whole of humanity suffers.
And Love suffers..

And I tell you what,
that choice of Poverty.....

It is time to replace the American System,
with one that serves the souls of all people.
Not the Greed of a Few.

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