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We have been Duped my Friends
Not just a little bit
 But A lot.
We have been duped into consuming the toxic waste products of Industry and Agriculture. 
We were told to eat Margarine and Vegetable oils
instead of healthy natural butter, or lard.
We were told to do this for our hearts..
And we did it..
And the heart health of the Nation, 
We are sold Toxic Garbage in fancy packaging,
and are hypnotized to believe
that we like and need it.
Our medicines make us sicker in the long run,
our vaccinations do little about "protecting" us,
and do everything about making us Lifelong Pharmaceutical Consumers.
We were duped into believing our scientist and politicians,
knew more than Mother Nature.
We followed them, 
not Her.
And as a race we became weaklings.
As sickly as humans have ever been...
and for the most part unaware of that gruesome fact.
We put disease promoting substances in, on and all around our bodies,
and expect the cure for our Ills...
will someday come in a pill.
We expect the medical profession,
who has had the largest part in making us sick,
to cure us.
And we expect our Government,
who has made us poor,
to somehow remedy that. 
The gut
the center for Health
in 90% of the population...
is pathogenic and permeated.
Autoimmune diseases are the primary cause of death and distress.
And yet we still succumb to the "foods" that created this sad situation.
Why do we do this?
Well for the most part,
we don't know any better....
 We've been lied to and used as the cash cow for evil Piggies for so long, that we no longer recognize the Lie.
The truth is not offered to us through any usual channels that we are "tuned" into,
in fact just the opposite.
As soon as some truth squiggles out into the mainstream.
Those who stand to lose profits by it,
launch an all out attack to cover it up.
We were told that good fats were bad,
and bad fats were good.
We were led to consume vast amounts of sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (which was genetically modified).
We are sold genetically modified products that explode the freaking guts of test animals, leave em bleeding from their posteriors...and told,
"It's to cure hunger around the world"?
And Shooting the most toxic substances 
known to man, 
into our children,
"Will protect them".
And drinking fluoridated water,
which has No positive effect when taken internally, on teeth or bones our our minds...
to do this for dental health.
When all the research out there proves it is damaging. 
Yes, topical application of this horrible rat poison, and chemical  favorite of the NAZI's in their camps to subdue the population there.... will kill the bacteria if applied topically.
But guess what,
 that's not the answer...
Diet is.
The cure for cavities is the same as the cure for autism spectrum disorders and autoimmune disease.
But that diet has nothing to do with anything we buy in a package,
nothing to do with GMO's or mass produced agriculture products that humans digestive tracks simply can not deal with.
In short the diet for health,
is opting out of the System, 
opting out of civilization.
You know when Weston A Price traveled around studying the most healthy folks, he discovered that the people of "best Character" were those most divorced from Civilization.
Civilization has not made us Civil, in fact the polar opposite of that. 
The foods we eat make us unhealthy,
and unhealthy people..
are not the most moral, civil or just plain decent.
There is a direct correlation between the food we eat,
and our character.
and our Health...(DUH).
We were told to reduce our cholesterol intake or suffer heart disease.
When the healthiest folks on the planet consume the largest amounts of cholesterol.. 
The freakin Masai live on Blood and milk, and whatever veggies they can find in their sparse environment...and there aren't people healthier.
The Eskimos,
before we "civilized" them were in the top 5 healthiest groups,
they lived on freakin Blubber....
The Truth they don't want you to know, is that dietary consumption of cholesterol has NOTHING to do with heart disease.
I've been saying this for 15 years..
Cholesterol deposits itself on our arteries to Protect them from the inflammation from all the CRAP we've been sold.... and from the results of our permeated guts allowing substances into the blood stream that are not meant to be there, whereupon they are attacked by the immune system...and we get inflammation from the bi products, and cholesterol comes along to protect us.
Finally research is proving this to be true.
But you don't need research, 
just a little knowledge of Biology..
...and Common sense.

The solution is NOT the Billion dollar a year industry of Statin drugs that for the record  does not lengthen anybody's life....and actually make them shorter and more miserable in the long run.
But,"OH God, I don't want to have a heart attack, and my doctor say's this is the only option.
DIET and Lifestyle,
are the only options. 

Peoples Minds are actually being controlled by the Pathogens that have become dominant in their guts, thanks to their diet and lifestyle choices...
Cravings are not always the human body saying they need this or that,
now the world as it is today,
most craving are the result of Bacteria wanting to feed themselves what they most love..
Sugars and grains.
Sounds crazy, but it's true.
Once again I bring up how a microscopic virus can take hold of our minds and bodies.... 
Control us so much that we are compelled to bite someone, tearing their flesh with our teeth.... 
and control our bodies so that mucus and saliva literally foams around our mouths laden with the virus, which has just spread itself through our bite, to another person.
The common cold controls our body functions making us sneeze out the mucous that is filed with it, that is filling our noses and throats and lungs..... and we sneeze so it can move along.
We are becoming a slave race to the very virus's and bacteria that lives within us.....
And vaccinations won't solve any of it...
The only solution is to get our primary line of defense back up and working,
and that is the Gut.

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