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"Genetics" = Karma.

"Genetics"= Karma

OK, here's a new area to explore.
I spend a fair amount of time talking to parents of autistism spectrum disorder kids.
It has always been an Interest,
and Bracken having Apraxia of Speech..
which sort of falls in the general neighborhood...
I've been "out there" to see what I can find out.
And very often on these forums where I have these conversations, someone will invariably say,
" It's just Genetics"
Like nothing can be done about it, 
it's simply a genetic issue.
Well I plan on going into this discussion on a much deeper level here, but first just to clear things up..
What we have in our genes,
us to certain manifestations.
But generally these genes need a Trigger....
If there is no trigger,
there is no manifestation. 
I have no idea where this train is leading us, 
at this point my only thought is that
Genetics is Karma.
So why did I say that,
Well let's just say my Spirit whispered it to me,
So I'd follow it back as close to the Source...
as I can, so I can answer that question.
So first we need to understand the pieces,
Few folks actually understand how the Law of Karma works.
Here is a link that will help with that understanding
 So, we are energetic beings... 
We've had lifetimes where we have existed 
within duality.
And because of this 
our Reality, 
our Universe
has been based upon Judgments
of Good and Bad.

And for half of our evolutionary process 
we strive to define ourselves 
within this Duality.
We do this by defining every single thing we perceive..
..and all of these things have a "charge" so to speak.
"Negative" things have one type of charge..
"Positive" things have another.
(But it needs to be noted that these charges are not inherent in the object or thoughtforms, 
but solely a creation of the perceiver) .

So we evolve by chasing what we consider good, or that will make us feel good...
And those things that do not make us feel good,
We Repel.
Now those things we repel, 
which were,"bad"
already had a charge...
a judgment upon them that made them "bad".  
And repelling that thing
 that we have judged as bad....
adds more of this same dualistic charge.
It becomes more "Negative"
Our greatest desires created strong "Positive" Charges.
Our regrets, our fears, our shame, our guilt, our judgments....etc. 
All impart a "Negative" charge to those things.

Now it should be understood that every thing that we have a relationship with 
out in the universe and world at large...
We have that same relationship,
 reflected energetically 
in our physical, etheric and astral bodies.

The following is from the blog post linked to above: The Crux of Karma
 Every judgment we make places a polarity upon something else…
Yin and Yang,
 constantly pushing upon each other…
seeking balance. 
This seeking balance…is Karma

So part of the nature of Duality
where we have set up residence
is that it is always 

Now we'll keep that in mind.

So every single thing in our lives that we have placed a dualistic judgment upon,
is seeking balance..
 And those things we really really desire...
and those things we really really Hate.
Become very large within our energetic body.

Then we get hit by a beer truck and die...
And our body isn't there anymore.
But this THING
this energetic body of our dualistic notions...
goes on.
And it comes to this point in the dying process, right after What I call,
The "White Hall"
And in this place....
 I should give a name,
The Launchpad.
These energetic Thing,
which is the Seed to our DNA...
Has a little meeting 
an energetic mingling
with the seeds of the parents....
and grandparents....
And from this meeting it takes things,
and incorporates them into it's DNA seed.
I should also note here
 that ,
remember the previous stage, 
I called the White Hall..
Well what happens is the soul carries this DNA seed into it.... And the Nature of this place is
The Nature of Pure Light is ONENESS
There is no Duality Here,
and that Light is like the essence of evolution...
This is the Light true healers use to heal..
This is the Light of halo's you see on Saints.
And what this Light does in that stage of the death process is,
It floods the dualistic DNA seed with light.
All the minor negative and positive 
judgment built parts of this DNA seed.... Disappear.
Into the Light.
But the major stuff, that stuff you really want, or your parents really wanted.... and that stuff you really hate, or feel so freaking guilty and ashamed of....
those things remain part of the seed.
Now these DNA seeds ...
being totally dualistic in Nature
Will seek Balance
Basically Oneness.
This balancing is an energetic coming together
beyond duality....
then merging into One.

Now here we are standing on the launchpad
before our birth.
At this point our relationship with the world 
is totally on an energetic level
All these little parts of our Future DNA
looking out on the sea of energy,
deciding just where to jump in,
to Balance itself.
This is where we ,
"Pick our next life".

Then we are reborn...
and our DNA contains all the most major stuff 
that we've carried over from past lives...
and that our parents carried over.
And even a lot from our race in general.
Now the reason Buddhists say you need to resolve your Karma
to not require rebirth...
has just been explained.

You will be reborn
until the duality
becomes a unity.

That's just the way it is.

So we are born with this DNA,
which contains the biggest seeds
of our Judgments
good and bad
within duality 
(there are no judgments in Oneness).

And Each of these seeds in our DNA,
as mentioned earlier,
has a reflection energetically,
within our physical, astral, and mental bodies.

 They will manifest in order to Balance themselves.
they can't help it, 
it's their ..... entire motivation.

We create these little buggars from feeding them those "positive or Negative" energies.
But here's the deal,
Our Judgments..
have no basis in Reality
beyond that reality that we have created.
But these seeds seek balance
outside of our duality
the only place Balance really exists...
So we are born into Life with these energetic reflections in our bodies,
of dualistic notions 
that must seek release 
from our Bondage.
Those "Seeds"
Are our Karma
and our DNA is built upon them.

Disease is the rebalancing of these seeds.

 That exist in our DNA. 

Now as I say it takes a trigger to fire the gene.
Now it's possible that this one gene was built upon a mass prejudice, a race prejudice.
These are often the seeds of Cancer.
If the person who has carried that over, resonates again on the same frequency..
(OH YEAH, each of these seeds has a totally unique energetic expression....NOTHING in duality is totally black and white.)
Anyway if that person resonates in the new life with that frequency,
it can "fire" the gene...
to seek balance.

It's like when we are dead, and traveling through the Astral Plane...
How we resonate
on the way to the White Hall,
determines what we will
 encounter and interact with.

The whole heaven/Hell thing does have a reality,
just not as described by the "Church".

This has given a lot of fodder for future contemplation.

And of course the main theme must be how to facilitate the working out of the DNA,/ Karma
without the need to manifest it in diseases that can be a real drag.
Of course the first thing that comes to mind..
and the point that keeps coming back and slapping me in the face is that..
People need to be taught,
How to go into 
"The Light".
And because of my weird refusal to go there alone ever again...
I suppose I might have to get involved in Teaching it...



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