Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Machine that would Cure The Manifestations of All Disease and Dis ease, and How it was Corrupted

It was 1978 or so and I was living in a Motorhome, or at least staying in it at my parents house on this particular day.  The timeline is a little shaky. I had been living in an awesome tree house set up in some Redwood trees until a crazy woman burned down the house down the hill from me where a good friend lived and where I got power for lights and my tools.   Anyway I decided to take a nap, I lay down in my motorhome and closed my eyes, then instantly something happened. I've come to call it, "Etheric projection"..... Now I had done my share of astral projection and astral plane projections.....even had a very uncomfortable period where I spent more time floating outside of my body, than I did in it..... Sucked, but I couldn't control it.  I finally got a hold of a psychic in San Francisco that told me to take huge doses of concentrated Valerian Tea....it worked instantly, but I digress.
This day something entirely different happened, it was actually my etheric body that left my physical body.....WHEW!!  It was like moving in a 10000 pound body, moving an inch at a time via my overly developed Will.   Well, it was exhausting and I went back and lay down in my body and then realized I wasn't alone. There was a Spirit there with me and I recognized it on one level as the "person" that had led me years ago to build the "plant talking machine"....which I found out later was just my being used by folks stationed out at Ames Research Center (NASA) and at Lockheed a few miles from there....to test their Mind Control Capabilities.   You can read about it under the "Coming out of the Scary Weirdness Closet".    But it was different this time, it wasn't instructions being piped into my brain via ......resonance, but rather this time it was an actual Spirit.   Come to find out years later who it probably was and that he had gotten a conscience about what he had been doing, and died of mysterious causes.
Well anyway he came with a message. Now I have to tell you that for me these "messages" almost always aren't really linear, are more like a whole package that I have to translate into something coherent.  Like a huge realization that isn't built like our mental creations of thought, but needs our thought to be able to communicate them to another person...... But this time the message was different, it was a huge bundle, but he helped me "understand" it, kind of guided me through it.
So the first thing I saw out of the "Flash" of it was a machine that could cure any manifestation of disease that plagued mankind.
HOLY SHIT!!!!.   The concept of it was really simple and was built upon what he later elucidated as "energetic signatures".  So I ran into my parents house to grab pencil and paper so I could start writing it down.  It was this "machine" that was like....OH wait, let me explain the basis here.   Our bodies are electrical in nature, we have meridians and chakras that are etheric and correspond to physical systems. But our entire bodies have an etheric basis which without we would not exist in physical form.  Diseases manifest as over or under amplified areas within our etheric bodies.Which reflect and manifest in our Physical bodies...and a large percentage of time have their roots in our astral bodies...... Our bodies are like a huge orchestra playing a symphony, the different instruments being different parts in our body.  When one or a group of instruments are for whatever reason (either astral or etheric or physical based as in the case of toxins), is "Out of Tune", playing too loudly or not loud enough, we eventually see disease manifest.
But here's the thing, all those different "Instruments" have unique "energetic expressions" of what they are when playing their part properly.   Now the Machine that "the German" showed me could firstly (sort of like an MRI) read the energy body and know what the proper energetic expression of different "Players" should be...
And this is all frequency...... the next part that I saw was like this round chamber, it was vertical, but like an MRI, and it had all these prisms ...it was basically like this light chamber where very intensified areas of the light spectrum could be blended and focused. The first stage would read the body and find the over or under amplified frequency, then very specific frequency via high intensity isolated spectrum tuned to re balance the diseased area was applied.     This was all just sort of imparted to show me some basics, the German explained further that once the specific energetic signatures were mapped for a healthy human, there were quite a few means to adjust it back to healthy functioning. Light was one, but RF frequencies and Chemicals that could be blended to create those same needed frequencies could be manufactured and tailored for individual needs.
OK, so I was jumping out of my skin excited about something to cure all mankind's ills, I ran in the house, got paper and pencil and got back out in the motorhome, sat down at my table and put my pencil to the paper and then the "German" said,
"you can't tell people about this".....
 He said there was two reasons.
 I was sort of apoplectic at this point,
are you freakin kidding me.
He went on to say that # 1 .  This does not CURE the disease, simply removes the symptoms.  It was like vaccinations and most of what modern medicine does. The actual causes were mostly based in the astral body and some the result of Physical interventions that were harmful, and these days much is etheric with the EMF and WIFI soup and crazy ass radio frequencies that we are always swimming in.... So getting rid of the symptom, did not cure the problem...and he "showed" me a scenario where masses would remove the manifestation..( like "curing Polio")..and the causes, needing to manifest....all together would create problems greater than the original little individual problems, sort of like how the vaccine movement has created things like AIDS by removing symptoms from the masses but not removing the causes that MUST work themselves out.   That was reason # 1.
Reason #2 was:  He said that just as diseases have very specific energetic expressions, so do specific thoughts and emotions.  He said with this technology people could be made to think or feel whatever the folks running the show wanted them to. This could be done via chemicals, via specific RF signals, even via very specific blending of colors put before a persons eye (on TV) or whatever.  HOLY CRAP. He then said that the technology was currently in existence and divided between the USA, Israel and Russia.(Once again this was in the 70's).
 I didn't know anything about Israel, but I knew Russia and the USA were like having a cold war and so when he told me this I figured that the machine, being in these pieces in rival places, didn't exist.  I was young and Naive.
Then he was gone.....
So I just basically set it aside.
Many years later I started thinking about all this, then realized that this is the guy that was instructing me via some sort of mind control to build the plant talking machine as I called it.   I had never even considered how strange it was that NASA and folks at Lockheed and my parents via "science kits" had supplied all the equipment I needed to build it, I bought the whole lie that they were trading it to me for fixing their equipment and personal TV's and such.....which I somehow as a young boy could easily do. So I had RF generators, oscilloscopes, "signal tracers" etc....all of which I had no clue about, and yet via "zoning out" and following the instructions in my head was able to make a machine where plants could audibly express themselves...(fear and Pain and..... anxiety over possible pain)...I'm sure I talked about this in "Coming out of the Scary Weirdness Closet".
So that's when I figured....putting it together with a bunch of other stuff, like my Mom's boss being Asst. Sect. of Defense in charge of Weapons ( I found documents that were released via freedom of information act where he was requesting an exemption from laws governing limits of radiation on folks using the weapons. ) He'd just drop by the house during the time I was doing my "experiments". I knew my Mom had a crush on him and just figured that was the reason he was showing up, all in his fancy dress blues with a chest full of ribbons.
So I gotta kind of figure that the Healing Machine was actually created for the use of the corrupt few that control this world  where we're all basically living as slaves under them.
Because Lord knows they built the mind control machine.
 Every time a new mass shooter comes out (or 9/11) , getting people afraid and prepared to let their Freedoms be taken away so they can be, "protected"...I kind of cringe.  Then of course for those paying attention all these false flags and such are so freakin obvious because they really screw up every time...luckily for them they have the media and the mind control machine to keep folks Hypnotized and buying the lies, as crappy and transparent as they are. But those of us that can keep a truer frequency...... well, I gotta admit I've become pretty disillusioned with the masses, buying it, getting fearful, supporting Evil with their eyes closed, because they have been hypnotized....
Wake the FRIG UP.....!!!!! Time to be true to our Souls....not the Fears they have Fabricated for us to Limit our Freedom....and Integrity.
So, as long as we are partaking of Duality, we need to be aware that they are trying to force us to live in Hell Realms, and our task is to Feed and Nurture the Heaven Realms.
Don't listen to the Fear
Feed the Joy
Be true to your soul.

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