Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Really Matters

OK, so, I told all my Hidden stories in "Coming out of the Scary Weirdness Closet", all my hidden secret stuff that I didn't tell folks because , well it's nice not to have folks think you are crazy, it's nice to be sort of accepted by family members....
Well here's the thing..
I kept the important stuff Hidden.
  I still haven't told you the Central Story....what really matters.
Why, because whenever I have spoken of this....well, I have yet to find anybody who knows what the heck I'm talking about...and to me, it seems like the most significant thing...The most important thing a person could know, or strive for... But I kept this little chapter hidden....even from Myself.  I was just talkin to (better not post her name w/o permission) today about how when the German and my Teachers were talkin to me, it was the most lucid experiences that affected me deeply, yet I, on my day to day level, ignored em....sittin right there talkin to me.  I'm paying close attention and at the same time Ignoring it like it isn't there, isn't happening.   Trying to explain this in our limited language was difficult so I said it was as though I was being taught in Nagual's time...yet was.... forced to exist in Tonal's time. (for those of you who know Don Juan's Lingo.)

So I've kept most of my Truth hidden most of my Life....just came out of the Closet with the, "Coming out of the Scary Weirdness closet"... and realized sitting here tonight how I had avoided mentioning the most important thing.
I don't know if I talked about this in earlier posts, so I'll repeat it here .  Back in 1970 I had an experience sitting on the side of a mountain.  In some Circles it would be called an Initiation, in others it would be called, experiencing Cosmic Consciousness.   Anyway that experience changed EVERYTHING for me.  The night of the experience a Teacher started coming to me in my Dreams every night. It was in a place I called, "The White Hall". And what this teacher was teaching me was various methods of,"Going Into the Light".
Let me attempt to explain what that means....
We are energy bodies that exist in a vast energy Grid.
Every cell in our bodies.... and every particle in this Creation, has a Power, a Light at it's heart that is Brighter than our Physical Sun..... every cell, every particle of orgone has an energy beyond comprehension. This Light that we all fact you could say, this Light that we all collectively are..(that some some call God)... is assessable to us.

It is entirely possible to Rest in a Blissful Energetic pure state of the All.  It is our most natural state.  It is what all Spiritual folks are striving for, whether they know it or not.
So why don't we hear about this...why aren't we taught in schools how to access this Cosmic Consciousness?
Good question eh.?
Well, I've kept it hidden for 30 some years....
I'll tell you one reason.
When you experience something, so ....POWERFUL, so Blissful, so full of Unity and Love as to be beyond any description.... and nobody else does....  And when you try to convey the Beauty of it to them they look at you like you are from another Planet... It is lonely as freakin Hell.
I'm talkin it out now,
to this blog...
yet how many that I am talkin to,
have been there?
A door I carved

Well anyway the Teacher showed me a different method, sometimes more than one, every night. All these Paths to a Pure State. Because everybody doesn't have the same path...but the Destination is the same for everyone.
They had a "Rule of Three",
which said I could only follow each Path 3 times..
and that has to do with how humans use Habits
to Imprison themselves. 

What we are,
before everything that we have added.....
and after everything we have added....
Is the Light.

This is the Destination...

And this is not opposed to Darkness...

This is Light that contains Everything.

That is at the Heart of Everything...

This is such a basic Spiritual Truth, yet it sure doesn't get much press.

You hear folks say, "Jesus is the Light of the World"....
and so they worship some highly realized soul who died a long time ago...
and miss the Point,
Jesus was not the Light of the World,
But he Realized it
he knew that was the Goal...
Well that little fact sort of got lost in the shuffle of this huge monster that was called, "The Church"
They had their own agenda which had ZERO to do with helping folks
Know the Light
Know the Truth.
I mean if you have the Experience,
you can go back and read between the lines in the Bible,
and find the truth behind a lot of it..

The Church .....has hidden a Truth
yet they are still a Path for a small % of the human population....
Sadly they seem to think they are what everyone needs...
Not so

There are 7 major paths,
and within these seven there are countless.
This is an area the Teacher,
and later multiple Teachers
focussed my ....learning upon.
And I was supposed to pass it along.
Well, I guess now I am,
better late than never.

The Light is at the Heart of us
the Light is at the heart of all things
we are the Light
we all are the Light
When we can experience the Light
as a real Experience
every cell within us
We are purified
we realize our Immortality
We are the One

Everyone should experience it
there is nothing in the world that rivals it....not even close.
It is the utmost experience a human can have.

Why don't they teach this in Church?

I was taught all these different ways,
so that I could teach these to others...
because like I say, each of us will have a "Path of Least Resistance"
the most natural way to go...
But then I see how humans get so totally obsessed with their Paths
and don't really see that their Destination is right there...
If only they'd look up from their Paths.
So I've been coming to believe that now it is time to focus not on the Path
but on the Destination.

The Destination is the Light
so that is what we should focus upon....
Well after my Experience this was easy,
I'd close my eyes....
and it was brighter than when they were open
it was right there and all I had to do was
Let Go into it.
I think Kriya Yoga used to be all about this process..
Not sure, these days the Money in "Spirituality" 
in NEWAGE stuff as I call it,
has really warped a lot of the old basic Truths.....
But here is a couple generic tips..

Sit in a totally dark closet...NO Light from outside at all...none
then put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and look up into your forehead with your eyes...turn them up towards your third eye.  The Light is right there in front of you
all through you, all around you....
you just don't believe it because,
you are sitting in total darkness...
Now you might notice a Sound
The sound is also the Light. So if you hear that..
and really it is more like your every cell , hears it...
Follow it.
When you start to see the Light shifting before you like sand blowing in the desert..
It can be soo sooo subtle at first.
Go into it.... Let it engulf you...
Just keep letting go into it.
Don't worry, you won't die.
I think part of the reason humans don't go here much is the fear of death.
You see there is a stage of the death process,
where we go to the Light
....and it's memoryisa cellular....
more like a DNA memory,
that often has fear attached.
Dying can have it's scary parts......
and goin into the Light is a lot like dying
but don't worry,
you'll be OK.
Don't get sidetracked... Keep your focus in the Light.
The place between you....
and It (the Light) now
is the astral plane.
Those shifting sands of Light,
 that's the astral plane you are viewing it in....
so don't get sidetracked...
OH Yeah, shut up you head.....
you can't take your thoughts....or emotions
to the Light
You gotta let em go to get there.
I guess I should have mentioned that before, pretty major point.
Then just Let Go into the Light.....
You will know when it happens because you will cease to exist as a separate entity for a bit. And you will feel the Power and Bliss of all Creation.

That is one method of direct focus on the Light/Sound.

Another, one that will work for other folks is sit in a closet again....empty save for all white walls.... with the Light on... Quiet your mind and emotions.... stop trying to define your experience,
and just let go into the Light behind the White...
Just keep letting go....keep filling up with the Light...
Until you are gone
and there is nothing left but the Light....
You will know when you've done it... Like I say, nothing else compares.

I just read over the first part of this and Realized how, "The Light".
Is just words to most folks...just a concept they haven't grasped, just some other thing.....
I can't really talk about it and make a person understand....
It's frustrating.
OK, I'm gonna boil it right down for ya....

It is totally possible to
Know God
When we are in the Light
we are One
with God...

That is pretty major...

So again I ask,
Why are we not taught how to go into the Light
from day 1..?

My whole life I've carried the knowledge that I was supposed to facilitate the understanding of the Seven Rays.
I've shirked that well and still am attempting to do so......
I just keep thinking that the rules have changed since the Quickening.....
and we can forget the Paths
and focus on the destination...

But who knows, maybe I'll go into it in future posts.
In the mean time if you are interested my old Teacher put some really good info out about it through Alice Bailey....
If you can jive with the style of writing ...
which actually has a certain tempo,
then you can learn a lot about the seven rays from that.....
The reason I was supposed to bring it out was that it needs to be in today's language...
and it is very important that folks understand that there is no one path..
Each way must be given it's due..
But the Destination should be the focal point...
that's my opinion.

Back then folks weren't all that ready to hear about this stuff...
but the Light is getting so much brighter
as each soul realizes it
and that speeds things up
but also threatens the destruction of the old Order...
of Fear, Desire, and Self Centered consciousness.

It's time now to realize our Unity
It's time to See the Light within ourselves
and all things
It's time to quit stifling the voices of our souls
Speak the Truth
And be Free

other side of the door, by the yellow brick road



  1. Thank you for speaking your truth. I am still mostly in the "Weirdness Closet", even though some would say I'm plenty weird even without knowing the full extent of it. I appreciate your honesty, and even though I know that we are not crazy and we are not alone, your story still made me feel a little less lonely. Thank you. <3

    Love and Light,


  2. lol, knew there was a reason you were on my 'radar'! Thanks for the light Jeff, I have had a glimpse of Reality in my past..I don't remember the time, I was very very young when it did. But it sustains me and teases me, so rather than Reiki at 3 am with Wyatt,I am going to look up in that dark room for the light and see how it goes. Thanks!

  3. I made that post about pupil/mentor before I read this entry. I get the feeling you were meant to mentor in the masses.....writing a book. It is something you are meant to do.



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